A Guide to Choosing Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus


The advantages of online casino play aren’t just limited to the more traditional games found in land-based casinos, such as roulette, poker or blackjack. A huge selection of other betting games are on offer, each with their own great set of benefits and incentives, one such game being online bingo no deposit bonus!

As the name suggests, when playing online bingo no deposit bonus, you are actually given free credits just for signing up to play, which can then be used to play for real winnings! More seasoned and experienced players often use this bonus offer in conjunction with loading their own credits, thus giving them the strongest starting point possible to clean up on the bingo boards without distraction. As no deposit bonus offers for online bingo have become so popular, check out a few offers before committing to put yourself in the best stead to win.

Find your Favourite Bingo Game Online

Playing at online bingo no deposit bonus sites, those with a working knowledge of the game will find it very similar to what they’re used to when playing at a local club or land-based equivalent. After singing up and receiving your free credits, you’ll then choose what variation of bingo you’d like to play.

The two main ones are 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. 75-ball bingo was traditionally played predominantly in the United States, but has become the generally preferred format for the game. In this variation, players buy cards with a grid of five rows and five columns. The 90-ball bingo is played on a card with 3 columns and 9 rows. The major reason 75-ball bingo is more popular is the possibility of more patterns being played due to the intrinsic shape of the card. These can include diamond, smiling face, cruise ship shaped patterns to name a few, while the shape of the 90-ball card can be somewhat restrictive.

Keep it Social Using Chat

Bingo is and always will be a social activity, and this translates beautifully into online bingo no deposit bonus games with players using the built-in chat feature. Using this feature enables you to converse with other players playing the game, possibly making a lifelong friend or bingo partner. You can also change your chat settings to suit you. Aside from general messages that everyone can see, you can create closed groups with your buddies to converse privately, swap tips and ask for advice.

You can also send messages directly to other players. If a particularly chatty member is getting on your nerves, no problem, just click the ignore button and that’s the last you’ll hear from them. Alternatively you can turn the chat function off altogether, but to be fair it’s nice to have a bit of banter while playing as it creates the sense of community and togetherness the game was built upon.

Make the Most of a No Deposit Bonus

If you are not sure if this game is for you, you can take advantage of an online bingo no deposit option similar to offer at https://gamblingonline.net.nz/ and decide whether or not you want to continue exploring all that’s on offer. These bonuses are readily available and can be used by players to maximum benefit.