Casino Rama Overview for Gambling Enthusiasts

Casino Rama is a large casino and hotel complex located in Rama, Canada. It is well known not only for its enormous entertainment venue, which has seen performances by a number of legendary musicians, but also for hosting many boxing and mixed martial arts events.

Notably, the casino is also renowned for being one of the most picturesque and architecturally beautiful structures in the casino world, with a stunning set of aesthetically pleasing buildings, water features, and dazzling lights. In terms of games Casino Rama has a large dedicated gambling floor, with over two thousand slot machines and over one hundred table games. There are also a number of eating venues, entertainment facilities, and enough accommodation for nearly three hundred guests.

Note that in winter time, when the area is known to see snowfall, the establishment goes out of its way to ensure that the casino interior is kept at pleasant temperatures.

Entertainment Venue

Seating as many as five thousand guests, the dedicated entertainment centre at Casino Rama is of an impressive size. If, however, you are seeing legendary artists that normally command crowds of tens of thousands, the venue is about as intimate as it gets.

Well known names such as Tom Jones, Weezer, Bill Cosby, Styx, Michael Bolton, Ringo Starr, Neil Sedaka, Jeff Foxworthy, LeAnn Rimes, Alicia Keys, Art Garfunkel, and David Copperfield have all made appearances, with many more still coming in the future. To learn more about the planned entertainment of the future, visit the dedicated page on the casino website. Remember that accommodation and show tickets are often sold as a package deal.

Gambling Facilities

Casino Rama is focused more on slots than table games, and has dedicated much of the casino floor space to an arrangement of both modern and retro selections. From old type classics that stick the basics, to the most modern games that feature 3D graphics and ample special effects, all can be found in one location. Fans of poker, blackjack and best online casino games are not forgotten, however, as a full selection of these traditional classics are also available.

Boxing and MMA

Big name boxing matches still draw massive crowds, but much of the sports focus these days is on the growing sport of mixed martial arts. The sport odds are high when you play online right here. With Ultimate Fighting Championships now a world wide phenomenon, the MMA scene is fast becoming the new betting sport of choice. Casino Rama hosts fights from both these popular sports, with matches taking place on a regular basis. Take note that licensed bet making is also available in the establishment.

Hotel Accommodation

The establishment does not have the biggest hotel in the casino industry by any means, with only two hundred and eighty nine available rooms. What is offered instead, however, is outstanding quality. Many of the accommodation options provide five star treatment, with all the extras, bonuses and special treatment that could be hoped for. Economy rooms are also available, however, for those who prefer something a little more subtle. Note that reservations can be made directly via the casino website. Be sure to make your reservations well in advance for best possible prices.