Choosing Mobile Casino Games on Tablet with Our Guide

While some are still locked in debate as to whether Apple or Android phones are better, the former being more secure and latter offering more variety, others have adopted a platform that is perhaps still a bit overlooked; the tablet.

Yes, tablets are still bound to an Android or Apple operating system, but they boast a list of pros that neither Apple nor Android phones can hope to match. Having larger screens, more processing power, and being a great deal more reliable in terms of battery life, tablets are a great deal better than alternatives in certain aspects. Many insist that a tablet is the best choice, especially where mobile casino games on tablet are concerned. Let’s have a look at a few reasons that the tablet is said to be the best casino game playing platform.

Battery Power

Modern smart phones are notorious for having abysmal battery lives. When in use, operating resource hungry games or applications, a smart phone can run down its entire battery in an hour, if not less. This certainly begs the question as to why smart phones have features that all but demolish its battery. A tablet, on the other hand, has a much larger battery, and is known to last for up to ten hours, even when playing movies or games.

A tablet certainly does seem to be the better option. No need to say that there is a little frustration having your battery run low less when in the middle of a game of poker or online casino roulette. Mobile casino games on tablet are a match made in heaven if you do not want to constantly be thinking about where your charger is.

Screen Size

The size of a mobile device’s screen counts for a lot, especially when you are trying to make out details such as card numbers of slot game symbols. Some Android phones do have impressively large screens, but a tablet screen is guaranteed to be bigger in all cases. A bigger screen is also massively beneficial where touch technology is concerned, since more screen space always means more reliable and precise interaction. Again where screen size is concerned, mobile casino games on tablet are a winning combination.


The size of a tablet is both its biggest blessing and its biggest curse. There is no pocket in the world that a tablet will fit into, and this is a problem for many. Tablets, although certainly compact considering the power they offer, are not easy to carry around. Sure, they fit snugly into handbags, but for those who prefer not to have to carry around a bag twenty four hours a day, there is simply no convenient way to transport a tablet. Mobile phones, on the other hand, fit right into your pocket, regardless of the model. It seems there are many advantages to mobile casino games on tablet, but the disadvantages cannot be overlooked; tablets are simply not convenient in terms of size. It seems it is perhaps best to keep your tablet at home for extended play sessions, while using a portable phone for quick game sessions on the move. At the end of the day, as always, it is up to personal preference.