US Election Betting for Kiwi Punters

New Zealand’s large online betting community is beginning to bet a lot more on the global political and election betting options on sportsbooks, along with the rest of the world.

This certainly includes US election betting, probably the most watched presidential elections in the world, as the US elections have such a long build up and feature such dramatic and well funded campaigns that you would need to be hiding under a rock to not get swept up in the mania of US election betting for their presidential elections. 

The election in 2016 was the 58th American presidential election and the USA elects a new president (or re-elects the current president) to the White House every four years.

Betting Options For US Election Betting

Only the two main parties, the Democrats and the Republicans ever feature in the US political presidential race. Pretty much from the minute a new US president has won, the online bookmakers are offering odds for you to bet on future outcomes, even if they may be another four long years ahead.  Some of these futures bets in US election betting include random, but interesting bets that New Zealand punters will want to partake in such as ‘will Trump visit the UK during his first year in office’, ‘will Trump last the full presidential term’, ‘will Trump win the 2020 election’ and ‘will Trump leave his office due to impeachment or resignation prior to the end of the first term’.

There are bets available on which countries a new US president will visit first, and in which order.  There are always plenty of outright betting options for the next US election, for example, ‘will the current president be re-elected’, ‘which party will win’, ‘who will the top candidates in both parties be’ and so forth.  The options for US election betting are vast and will suit both amateur punters and dedicated political followers, wanting to earn big winnings on what they believe the outcome of the next US presidential election will be.

Big Money US Election Betting

For the 2016 US presidential elections, one big online sports betting website had taken a massive £90million worth of bets from international punters keen on a slice of the action.  It is quite possible that US election betting is the biggest political betting market out there. For serious New Zealand punters there are so many angles that can be covered much like with odds at the Melbourne Cup betting.  Percentage totals for each of the candidates, odds for each US state, margins of success and even population turnout are all possibilities for winning in the US election betting scene.

Maximising Your Odds In US Election Betting

Going for slightly alternative markets is a way that you can have bigger winnings odds.  New Zealand punters who want to bet on an event like US election betting will want to follow the run-up to the next US presidential election almost from the minute the previous one is completed, and the votes counted.  We wish you all the best in your US election betting choices for the years to come!